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Snowman drabbled part 2

Part two, various drabbles I've done over the years for shiritori. Various pairs, but mostly Sakuma/Iwamoto and one Miyadate/Abe

Title:Let the past go

Pairing: Miyadate/Abe

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Miyadate and Abe had been a bit awkward around one another.

He needed to grow a pair. Miyadate decided as he looked across Snowman's dressing room at their youngest member. He was absorbed in some book as usual while the others loudly messed around with one another. Miyadate felt himself uncomfortable at the idea of walking the couple of meters across the room to the younger male. Suddenly Watanabe nudged him causing Miyadate to jump in surprise. Watanabe's amused expression melted as he examined Miyadate's worried face. Miyadate looked away from his childhood friend, he wasn't even sure what the big deal was himself, and he had no way of explaining it, especially to Watanabe Shota. The next few moments Watanabe spent with a stare switching between Miyadate and Abe.

To Miyadate's shock Watanabe left his side and walked over to Sakuma who was reading a manga on the couch. Miyadate furrowed his eyebrows and wondered why his best friend had just let him be, that was not like Watanabe or anyone in their group really. Miyadate watched Watanabe whisper something to Sakuma, ignoring the minor jealous curiosity. Miyadate returned to his problem.

His problem put his book aside, rubbed his eyes cutely, and then stared directly at him. The whispers became louder as Miyadate felt like a deer caught in the headlights. He couldn't look away. His face began to heat up, Abe's face mirrored his own. It wasn't either of them that stopped the awkward staring contest, but instead Iwamoto who slammed his dirty magazine he and Fukazawa had been giggling about down on the table.

Miyadate looked at his friend with wide eyes, but was grateful for the interruption. This was far more awkward and difficult than he had originally imagined. The others looked at Iwamoto as the tallest of their group glared between the two of them. “Just fucking make-out already!” he raged, clearly done watching the whole thing happen across the room. The rest of Snowman looked at Iwamoto for a moment, before most burst out in laughter. Iwamoto glared at his fellow snowmen that were laughing, unable to understand what was funny about any of this.

Miyadate felt like his face was on fire. The wasn't what he was going for at all! He just wanted to TALK to Abe, to make things less awkward between them. Apparently that wasn't the way it looked to the others though. Watanabe stopped laughing first, he looked at Iwamoto “That isn't what this is about, though now that they have thought about it, maybe. Remember what happened on Takkichannel? That's what this is about.” Watanabe's amusement could not be hidden. Iwamoto gave Watanabe a look that clearly stated he did not buy that reasoning one bit.

Sakuma grabbed Iwamoto by the shirt collar and pulled. “Let's leave for now.” he used his best Sakumanager voice that he could muster with a grin on his face. Fukazawa followed obediently, but not before grabbing the magazine Iwamoto had thrown on the table. Watanabe waited for the others to leave first before fixing both Miyadate and Abe with an amused stare.

“We have to be ready for an interview in a half hour, so don't get too carried away.” Watanabe grinned. Sure, he knew Miyadate hadn't been thinking along those lines at all, but things change. Abe's horrified face reminded Miyadate that he was not alone with his mortification. Watanabe left the room with a wink, the door closing behind him with a click.

The sudden silence was deafening. Abe broke first, thankfully. “Ummm so about what you said, you know on Takkichannel recently, did you really not want me to come back? Be honest” Abe voiced his thoughts. He knew everyone had made it so his place remained, but he couldn't help but wonder if the rift that he had made was as small as everyone pretended it to be.

Miyadate took a deep breath, finally what they really needed to talk about. “No, I just felt betrayed. You picked being smart and studious over us, and I felt abandoned. I may have been hurt, and unable to accept your choices, but that doesn't mean I didn't want you back Abe-chan.” Miyadate for the first time since that awkward staring contest looked Abe in the eyes.

Those eyes showed a gleam of tears as the youngest Snowman nodded. Miyadate steeled himself as he walked over to the younger man. He felt so awkward. He meant what he said, he was upset that something else mattered more than them, but he also knew that Snowman was not complete without Abe. Miyadate waited until Abe got a hold of himself, he watched the younger man. The way his inner battle showed on his face and posture, the way his fists clenched as he tried to not let his emotions take him over. He was fascinated, Miyadate had never really taken the time to see just how hard Abe worked on himself.

A few stray sniffles remained as Abe took a deep breath. “Thanks for telling me the truth. Date-sama is great.” The smile on Abe's face was one that was at peace. Miyadate felt somehow relieved that Abe was OK with everything. Miyadate himself felt a lot better as well. The fact that Abe had worried so much about everyone else despite leaving temporarily proved he would always be a Snowman. Letting go of past problems was part of growing up, and it was time to grow up a little more Miyadate decided.

The silence was not nearly as awkward now, both of them realized as they shared a small smile with one another. The whispers from outside reminded Miyadate that the others were convinced this was a crush issue, and maybe a little bit it was. After all, why did Miyadate care so much that Abe choose something else for a small time? Abe fiddled with his shirt as he turned red, probably with similar thoughts to his own.

Miyadate grinned and grabbed one of Abe's hands in his own. Abe's face looked adorably confused for a moment, before he turned cherry red. Oh, this could work , Miyadate smirked. “Might as well give the others what they want. Maybe what I want too.” With those words Miyadate leaned forward his lips brushed across Abe's for a small second. He pulled back to a very happy, but bright red Abe.

“Alright, we are coming in!” Watanabe announced loudly. Miyadate watched the door open, he kept Abe's hand in his. Iwamoto grinned in a self satisfied way, Sakuma nudged Iwamoto in the stomach in response, Fukazawa looked too interested in the magazine he was holding, and Watanabe raised his eyebrows. “Are you enjoying turning Abe-chan into a tomato?”

Abe let out a groan of unhappiness, he hid his face in Miyadate's shoulder with a whine. “Maybe, why not? It's cute.” Miyadate told Watanabe back. The two old friends stared at each other for a long moment before both broke out into a grin. Abe poked his head back out and watched the exchange with a happy smile. The members of Snowman all smiled, happy that things seemed at peace and back to normal.

“Alright enough! We have to get ready.” Sakuma spoke stealing the magazine from Fukazawa who whined, Iwamoto chuckled but stopped when Sakuma reminded him who the magazine belonged to. Watanabe winked at Miyadate and Abe before taking off his shirt to change. Abe's hand squeezed Miyadate's and both smiled at each other before separating. Things may not be perfect in Snowman land, but this was a foot in the right direction.

Title:A Chance

Pairing: Iwamoto/Sakuma

Rating: PG

Summary: Sakuma catches Iwamoto’s eye by chance

The stranger disappeared. Iwamoto Hikaru had been on his way home from cram school, it had been a chance glance. He had passed by the dance studio every day, never had he stopped to look. Except today was different. Today a beautiful boy with moles speckled across his cheeks was there. The boy danced with such grace, Iwamoto had to stop and watch. Iwamoto was mesmerized by the lithe boy in the window.

Soon the dance ended, and the boy vanished from sight. The spell keeping Iwamoto in place had lost it's hold. Iwamoto looked at his surroundings. The busy street in Tokyo  was filled with people, yet not one fascinated him the way the boy in the window had. Iwamoto furrowed his brow, unsure of what to do with his current feelings.

The door to the studio opened, the same boy who had entranced him walked past him. It was like time had slowed down the moment his body was near. Iwamoto's body reacted before he did. Soon he was ten steps behind the stranger. Iwamoto's rational thoughts told him he was being a stalker, and more than a little creepy. The rest of him didn't care though. He followed the short male through a sea of people, down an alley or two. Iwamoto really didn't know where he was by the time the stranger looked around and walked straight up to him.

“Why are you following me?” The stranger demanded, he didn't sound exactly angry per-say, more like he was curious and out of other options. His voice was deep, pleasant to Iwamoto's ears.

“Ummm....well, you see-...I” The words refused to come out of his mouth. Iwamoto frowned, the stranger frowned with him. Iwamoto tried some hand movements, but nothing seemed to help the words come out of his mouth. He felt pathetic, unable to convey his thoughts. Though thinking back, Iwamoto wasn't sure what there was that could be said.

The stranger stared at him, it made Iwamoto's face flush pink. He felt vulnerable under the dark brown eyed stare. The stranger's eyes sparkled with amusement at the flush. “I'm Sakuma Daisuke. Can you at least manage to tell me your name?”

Iwamoto's blush grew a darker shade as he stuttered. “I-I-Iwamoto H-Hikaru.” He felt so stupid. Here he was caught by the guy he had been stalking for the last forty minutes, and he couldn't even speak properly.

Sakuma let out a low pleasant chuckle.Like he found this whole thing normal and funny. Iwamoto took a deep breath, and forced his voice to remain even. “I saw you dance.'re really good.” He spoke the truth, that was what started all of this.

The look on Sakuma's face said he had not expected that. Sakuma's face was dusted with red. “Thanks, my dad's really against it, so I don't get to go often.” The small smile on Sakuma's lips enticed Iwamoto, he wanted to pay attention to Sakuma's words, but his eyes refused to not get distracted. “He says it's not a thing for a man to do, dancing is just for girls. My mom encourages me though, and has me practice when he is away. I think she likes to defy him.”

Iwamoto wasn't sure what he should say. His eyes could still not look away from Sakuma's lips, the moles on his cheeks, or his big eyes. Sakuma kept his eyes on Iwamoto, curious. After what seemed like a few moments Sakuma looked down to the ground and let out a low sigh.

Sakuma closed the distance between them and stared up at Iwamoto. “If all you are going to do is stare, then you should leave. Otherwise act on what you want.” Sakuma's voice was full of challenge.

Iwamoto took a deep breath, his eyes closed as he tried to gain an equilibrium. Taking a chance, Iwamoto leaned down and his lips grazed over Sakuma's in a soft kiss. Sakuma's lips moved back, far less afraid. It stayed innocent, both pulled away after what was only a few seconds.

Their cheeks were both pink as they looked at each other. Iwamoto's stomach let out a gurgle of hunger, the boys both laughed. “Hungry?” Sakuma chuckled out. He offered his hand to Iwamoto, the taller boy stared at the outstretched hand, like it was magically going to do a tap dance if he watched it. Sakuma sighed, grabbed Iwamoto's left hand and began to pull. “Guess there is no helping it.”

Iwamoto let the warmth of the hand holding his seep into his memory. A lot of things had happened very quickly. He knew that a chance encounter like this didn't happen every day.

The alleyway ended, Iwamoto recognized where he was again and grinned. He pulled Sakuma to the right, his hand tightened around Sakuma's in his hand. Maybe destiny wasn't just a bunch of made up stories, maybe it was something that liked to shock you in the most unexpected way.

Title:Sleep is always the answer

Pairing: Sakuma/Iwamoto, mentioned Watanabe/Miyadate

Rating: PG

Summary: Iwamoto is running himself ragged with filming Bad Boys J.

What tonight had taught him, was that the job of being a leader was never done. The day was coming to an end, only one last dance practice to do before they could go home. It had been interesting as already Sakuma had helped schedules be finalized, forced Iwamoto to take a nap, helped his bandmates who had been missing practice for drama filming with dancing, found Fukazawa's missing drama script, and most recently shooed away some stray juniors from Abe and his studies. It seemed that his unit, no matter how stubborn and strong, still needed someone to take care of them.

Sakuma sighed as he held out Miyadate's missing manga. The other smiled gratefully as he took the offered book from Snowman's resident leader. Watanabe gave Miyadate a kiss as he passed by and puttered around the room shirtless cleaning up. Sakuma wondered mildly if Watanabe was aware of just how bad an omen that had become. Sakuma tried not to think of all the bad things that could happen any moment due to Watanabe's refusal to wear clothing.

Before his pondering could get any deeper Sakuma heard his name being called. “Hey, Sakkun, have you seen my I-pod?” Iwamoto wandered into the room, script in hand, bags under his eyes, and shoulders slouched. Iwamoto looked like a zombie as he stared tiredly at Sakuma.

Sakuma let out a sigh. He had gotten Iwamoto to take a nap earlier, but it had apparently done little good. Not to mention with drama shooting and Crea shows Sakuma and Iwamoto had absolutely no time together, straining their relationship. Walking over behind the cream colored couch, Sakuma picked up a yellow cased I-pod that had been put on a charger. Iwamoto let out a nervous laugh, grabbed the offered device and gave a quick peck to Sakuma's lips. Iwamoto walked away without saying anything else. The rest of the room watched him go.

The Snowmen looked at each other, all with furrowed brows. They had tried to make sure Iwamoto was healthy. Forcing naps, water, and food whenever possible. Still Iwamoto seemed to be holding the weight of the world on his shoulders, and refused any help carrying it.

Sakuma walked over and collapsed on the couch, nuzzling into the cushions with a groan. It had been a long day, he wasn't sure what to do but he knew he wanted to spend some time alone with his boyfriend, even if just for a nap. Iwamoto hadn't spent any time with him lately and seemed to be neglecting himself more than anything. The thought of Iwamoto collapsing from exhaustion caused Sakuma's stomach to lurch. He knew Iwamoto was under a lot of pressure, Bad Boys J had just been announced to have a movie, and concerts were endless, magazine shoots were always happening, and regular practices still had to be done. Sakuma was happy that the group was busy, that half of them got to have their own drama, however, Sakuma didn't like how much pressure Iwamoto was putting on himself.

Watanabe kissed Miyadate quickly before he left the room to follow after Iwamoto. He caught up with him with ease, but Iwamoto barley noticed Watanabe as he continued to reread his lines. “You need a break. You've been completely immersed in the script for days and everyone is getting a little worried.” Watanabe understood, he and Fukazawa were tired as well, but they both knew when to take a break. Iwamoto, had decided to put so much pressure on himself that he refused to take a break, even though he needed it.

Iwamoto looked over at Watanabe like he just noticed he was next to him. “You say something, Shouta?”

Watanabe let out a sigh, before patting Iwamoto on the back. He left Iwamoto to stare at his retreating figure. Watanabe entered the dressing room to have three pairs of eyes stared at him. Watanabe shook his head, looking at Sakuma's form on the couch. Sakuma let out a frustrated noise as he got up. “That's it! Guys I don't care what you have to do, no one disturb me or Hikaru for at least two hours.” Sakuma grabbed his phone and dashed out the door.

Iwamoto got a message on his cell phone, he looked at the text from Sakuma asking him to come to one of the dressing rooms on the second floor. Iwamoto sighed, walking to the stairs. He felt so tired, but he didn't want to let anyone down. He had been given so many opportunities lately, he didn't want to disappoint anyone.

The room was empty except for Sakuma on the couch. Iwamoto walked forward cautiously. The door slammed behind him as Sakuma met him half way. A kiss was placed on his lips. “Hikaru...” Sakuma's voice sounded so sad, it felt like the first time Iwamoto had really heard it in days. The script was taken from his hands and thrown to the side as Sakuma dragged him to the couch.

With each kiss to his lips Iwamoto could feel the tension easing from his body. A small push and Iwamoto was on his back. Sakuma curled up against his chest with a content sigh. “I know you are afraid to let others down, but you have to take care of yourself. We are all worried about you...I'm worried about you.” Sakuma's words were soft, but Iwamoto could still hear them. Iwamoto squeezed Sakuma against him in a hug before he began to drift off. Sakuma felt Iwamoto's breathing even out as he finally fell asleep. Allowing himself to rest as well, Sakuma pushed back thoughts about what was waiting for them back in the dressing room.

Two hours later Iwamoto and Sakuma returned to Snowman's dressing room holding hands. From down the hall they could hear loud noises coming from their dressing room. Iwamoto stopped them outside the door “Thanks, Daisuke.” One last kiss and they both took a deep breath before facing the door. When they opened the door they found their Manager red in the face and the rest of their unit mostly naked and covered in silly-string, sparkles, and feathers.

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