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Friendly Match

Title: Friendly Match
Fandom: Sixtones/Snowman
Rating: PG
Summary: Volleyball highschool AU. The sixtones have a friendly match against the snowman during a training camp.
A/N: I have been on a volleyball kick lately with the world league having their matches this last month. (I could watch Ishikawa and Yanagida serve all day, and may have a pretty big crush on Yamauchi) So this AU was born from that. Some quick notes for those who don’t know about Volleyball. Wing spiker- attacker who normally spikes and serves best, Middle blocker- usually the taller ones of the team mainly defense with some spiking weaker serving, Libero-defensive specialist height doesn’t really matter and they are often shorter than the rest of the team, Opposite- kind of a back up attacker. Normally first team to get to 25 wins, four games or sets that may go into 5. Best 3 out 4 (or five) wins. I tried not to make this too technical or boring, I’m pretty sure I failed. (Posting to my own journal now lol)

( Volleyball Au, 3117 words )
Tags: rating: pg, sixtones, snowman
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